Microsoft® Windows® XP Installation

How to Install the Windows® XP Operating System and VAIO® Applications

The following instructions guide you through installing your own copy of the Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or Windows® XP Professional operating system, and then installing the Sony® VAIO® application programs onto the hard disc drive.

CAUTION: These processes will alter or delete your existing installation of Windows XP operating system and may delete your personal data files. Back up any important data before proceeding with this installation.

CAUTION: These instructions are provided only as guidelines and are not intended for novice users. Proceed at your own risk. Sony is not liable for any data loss or damage to your computer that may result from following these instructions.

Before Installing

Installing Windows XP operating system requires that you own a licensed copy of the Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional Installation CD.

CAUTION:  If a Windows XP Service Pack is installed as part of your computer's current operating system configuration, the new operating system you are installing must already contain at least the same or a higher version of Windows XP Service Pack.

Before installing Windows XP, complete the following tasks: